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Brand Strategy, Story + Style for entrepreneurs who want an edge and businesses who want to boost their bottom line.

Get more clarity, confidence, credibility, community + cash.


You need an Actionable Brand Advantage

I’m genuinely embarrassed when anyone asks about my business. Everything is a hot mess I threw together myself. But it doesn’t feel like me at all.
I’ve got serious analysis paralysis! Making decisions is painful because I can never figure out which is right for my business.
I’m not great at selling myself. I never know what to say and 9 times out of 10 people have NO clue what I do.
My business feels stuck — I know what I offer is great but I just can’t find enough of the right people who need it so we can scale.
We’ve invested in social media, Facebook ads, sales pages, and a gorgeous logo but we’re sort of wingin’ it. And the results are spotty at best. There’s no core strategy for our brand or how we connect with customers.

I want this business to be the next BIG thing but I don’t know how to make it happen and I definitely can’t afford a fancy agency that charges $100k+ to help me.

The agencies we work with create slick campaigns but they don’t seem to click with the audience demo.
Our lines of business are out of control. We grew so fast that different departments kind of looked after themselves and now not even our business plan is cohesive.
We’re losing sales and customers faster than we can acquire them. We know the market and audience needs have changed we just don’t know how to refresh our brand and offers to cater to them.

The 5 Outcomes of Actionable Branding™

When your brand strategy, story + style is created using actionable branding principles you get a lot more of the 5 brilliant, bottom-line boosting things below. And lucky for you, I created actionable branding specifically to give my clients 100% bang for their buck free from the fluff other branding studios provide. Every Actionable Brand Advantage package is led by these principles.






In the last 10 years, I’ve been trusted by some of the biggest brands in the world

Not to mention all the agencies, small-medium businesses, entrepreneurs, celebrities, and public figures who have trusted my expertise to help improve their business returns with strategic branding.

Take a peek at the gossip pages

I work with the best clients. Here’s what a few of them have to say about me…

Sorcha is very talented and resourceful; during the years that I had the pleasure to work with her on many EMEA and Global projects she always proved to be, not only professional and creative but also very fun to work with. Her positivity and passion for her job transpire in every detail of the projects she leads. Problems do not exist while working with her because she will always find the best-suited solution!

Suzette Pirozzi


Sorcha helped me find that value I give to my audience (so they know how hard I’ll work for them) and the sexy part – the transformation and impact my clients will experience. Then we came up with a plan to position me as an authority and to match my brand with the right clients so they feel connected. It’s so easy to work with Sorcha! Christine Laureano

Ba6 Marketing

Working with Sorcha was nothing short of a pleasure. There were many times she went above and beyond for our client. Her work proved time and again that she’s a master of her craft. It was amazing to work with her.

Kay Green

Digital Marketer

I had the pleasure of working with Sorcha back when she was in Disney’s office in London. Organized, committed, independent, smart thinker… She was our main contact with all things related to the European Disney community of creatives and we always felt that we were in the best hands possible. I definitely recommend working for/with/around Sorcha!

Pablo Ferrán


We were using hammers until now, and it was OK. Sorcha unpacked her chisels and fine-tuned our messaging to a level that our copy-hammers wouldn’t ever reach. It was an enjoyable process, and we got exactly what we wanted in the end! Jan Sapper


Sorcha is a very creative, professional and joyful person. We worked together on many projects for Disney EMEA and Global since she was the key person for all our Disney Creative services across Europe. It was really a pleasure to collaborate with her. She has a strong problem-solving ability and a positive and cooperative attitude that make her the right person to work with!

Pamela Elia


Sorcha was delightful to work with and delivered fun ideas. She approached each assignment with enthusiasm and positivity and met deadlines despite a time difference. Kayla Noriega

Splendid Clothing

I had the pleasure of working with Sorcha whilst she was at Disney. She never let me down. I hope our paths will cross again in the future. She will be an asset to whoever has the pleasure of working with her.

Flavio Cortez


Sorcha is very creative and extremely passionate about her career. She is an enthusiastic, committed and capable addition to any team. An excellent communicator and organizer, she applies her skills and experience to all aspects of her projects.

Chris Fitzpatrick


Hey, I’m Sorcha and I turn businesses into brands


Oh, friend! When it comes to brands — I’ve seen it all. (And then some!)

For over 10 years, I’ve worked with some of the biggest brands in the world — helping them with my magic one-two punch: strategy and creative.

I’ve refreshed heritage brands, launched co-branded partnerships, created brands from scratch, managed brand extensions, and everything in between.

No matter what stage of business you’re in  — my unique background and experience expertly place me to help you reach the next level.

Your Actionable Brand Advantage


Full development for your personal brand. Perfect for consultants, speakers, authors, thought leaders, creatives, and entrepreneurs who are the face of their brand.


Full development for your business brand. Perfect for e-commerce, SaaS, non-profits, and businesses that don’t rely on a single person to represent their brand.


Each engagement is bespoke, led by your individual business needs. But during each Actionable Brand Advantage, whether we’re building a personal brand or a business brand, we work through the following elements. 

Market Differentiation
Competitor Analysis
Customer Analysis
Value Ladder/Offer Suite
Commitment Matrix
Elevator Pitch

Brand Story
Core Messaging
Social Media Bios (Up to 3)
PR/Media Bios
Email Signature
List of Content Themes

Customer Experience Journey
Creative Concept
Key Touchpoints
Color Pallet
Photography References
Graphic References
Logo References

Here’s How It Works


The first two weeks of your Actionable Brand Advantage package are spent on project set up, research and info gathering to inform the development stage.


The next three weeks of the project are spent on development using my signature process, Strategic Reimagining. We’ll work through the 3 pillars: Strategy, Story + Style. Always working with the principles of Actionable Branding.


After development, two weeks are spent on asset creation where your Brand Playbook is created, mood boards and references finalized, and copy elements written.


The final week of the project is spent on a thorough review to ensure all the final materials are present and correct. Then the final version is delivered to you.

You also receive these bonuses…



The ultimate guide to your post-development next steps.

When we finish our project this guide will point you in the right direction as you implement and execute your brand.

Step by step, you’ll have a plan for exactly what needs to happen, who you need to hire, and what you need to create. Plus the best order to undertake each task.

Plus my curated list of powerful resources and tools to get your brand up and running as quickly as possible.


Briefing creatives is an art and you won’t have to worry about mastering it with this bonus.

Up to 3 months after we complete your package, you can claim up to 3 complimentary 30 minute briefings with your chosen creatives.

That could be your photographer, graphic designer, web developer, copywriter, etc.

Usually my consults are priced at $550/hour.


Being able to use video in your marketing is incredibly powerful.

Working in the entertainment industry for so long, I’ve discovered the best secrets and strategies to film beautiful content without a professional film studio.

Discover exactly how you can create a brilliant welcome video for your website or YouTube channel and up the quality on your social media videos.


If you pay your invoice in full before work begins then you’ll automatically receive this exclusive copy audit bonus.

Up to 3 months after we complete your package, you can receive an expert conversion-focused audit on 3 pages of web copy. Usually priced at $1500.

Whether you write it yourself or hire a copywriter, this will help ensure your copy is as tight, persuasive, and on-brand as possible.

How long does brand development take?

The process takes 8 weeks from start to finish.

Will I be able to access help from you once we’ve finished development?

Yes! I offer an exclusive consulting package to Actionable Brand Advantage clients.

You can choose from 6 or 12 months of support to help guide the implementation and execution of your new brand.

Think of it as having your Chief Brand Officer and Creative Director on call.

Do you complete all the design collateral for my brand?

This process is the development of your brand rather than the execution.

Both are incredibly important but doing the development means it’s much easier to work with the creatives who will create your brand assets and the work you receive from them will be much more cohesive and aligned.

But you will leave with your color pallet, your typography suite, and detailed visual references for your brand that make working with a designer or web developer a breeze.

You also receive a complimentary 30-minute creative briefing with the designer and photographer of your choice.

Do you offer a payment plan?

By default, all Actionable Brand Advantage projects are invoiced 50% as a deposit in advance and 50% 30 days later.

However, if you choose to pay your invoice in full before work begins you’ll receive a complimentary copy audit of up to 3 web pages (valued at $1500) which you can use up to 6 months after our work together ends.

That means you can get expert conversion-focused feedback and suggestions on the 3 most important pages on your site. Typically: home, about + services/product page. Plus notes on how the voice, tone and core messaging we’ve developed together has been executed and if it could be improved.

And you can use this audit whether you write the copy yourself or hire a copywriter. Because a second set of expert eyes on the copy that does the work of selling you is never a bad thing.

Is it okay that I don't really know what I want my brand to be?

Yes! The research and development we’ll do together will guide your brand.

It’s best to have an idea of what you want to sell and who you want to sell it to, but we will cover your offer suite and audience fit in our work together.

So don’t worry if you only have vague ideas right now. That’s what my process is designed to fix.

Do you offer refunds?

Because each Actionable Brand Advantage project is bespoke, comprised of deeply custom work, there are no refunds.

Your application and free connection call will allow me to bring you on as a client only if I feel we’re a good fit and I can help you achieve your goals.

The process is also collaborative with strategy and creative calls throughout so we can ensure you’re happy with the work we create together.

How do I get started?

Complete this short application form.

If it looks like you could benefit from an Actionable Brand Advantage then I’ll invite you for a 15-minute connection call.

After the call, I’ll either invite you to become a client and send the digital paperwork your way. Or I’ll suggest more appropriate resources to help you.